The First

First snow, first love, and first kiss…
The unfamiliar but strange excitement given by the word “First”
The First with the note of powdery musk inspired
by our excitement for the first snow creates an elevating aura around you
that makes you feel more mature and soft.

前調: 佛手柑 , 中調: 依蘭 , 後調: 麝香
肥皂香, 爽身粉香, 溫暖的, 柔軟的, 麝香 初雪,初戀,還有初吻...
初次這個詞語有著令人陌生又奇妙的悸動 就像是踏在初雪上那種心動的感覺
麝香的香味 令你更成熟溫柔地表現自己

  • Top 6 Citrus Note - 01 Bergamot
  • Middle 4 Floral Note - 12 Ylang ylang
  • Base 1 Animal Note - 03 Musk